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Professional Aerial Installers you can have confidence in

What are we about?


We are a group of Aerial and Satellite Installers that believe there are standards of workmanship and trustworthiness that you the customer deserve. We are all like minded in the approach to good quality and value for money.


We are all members of the Installers Support Forum. An invite only forum where we can share information, knowledge, problems and provide support to each other. We are all active members and are there for the benefit of all and not only the one.  was setup so you the customer can find installers that have your interests at heart and will provide you with a quality job without the risk of ending up with a rogue or cowboy.  How can you be sure an installer you find here is a professional installer with the high standards you expect?  We wouldn’t put up with them if they weren't. We have our reputations to look after and wouldn’t stand for that being tarnished.


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